UK business owners are making £££’s with their new websites

  • 27th September 2018

Does your business have a website? Many people don’t realise that having an up-to-date, beautifully designed website should be a top priority for companies in any industry. Here’s why...

A recent report by Stanford University on Web Credibility Research found that 75% of people online make judgements about a company’s credibility based on their website’s design.

Long-lasting opinions about your brand, products or services can be formed based off of the immediate look and feel of your website. As 94% of first-impressions are related to design, aspects like visual appeal and smooth website navigation are paramount.

Why does this matter? Consumers are increasingly looking online for information before buying. For B2B customers, online presence is extremely important as 85% search the web before making a purchasing decision.

As the saying goes, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”, especially with discerning consumers in a competitive industry. That’s why prudent companies are thinking ahead by investing in high-quality web design.

Great news for business owners

People who have developed their business website said they benefited from being more discoverable by their potential customers.

A survey by Redshift Research and GoDaddy found that 83% of businesses with websites said: “their online platforms gave them a competitive advantage over businesses without websites.”

Talented web designers help businesses all over the UK achieve their true potential and raise revenues with the help of a beautifully designed, professional website.

As a website is what a potential customer could base their impression of you on, it’s important to invest in your website and get one that represents your brand in the best possible way.

The Benefits of using a web designer

The impact of having a great website is huge and could transform the outlook of your business. Using a professional website expert means that you are guaranteed to get a high-quality website that stands out amongst your competition.

What can your web designer do for you?

  • Personalised Service - Your designer will make sure your website perfectly reflects your brand
  • Scalable - You can add to and scale your site as your business expands
  • Go Global - Reach more people than ever before and find out how they interact with your site
  • Responsive - Your site will perform beautifully on any device - including mobile